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Baking in high-speed electrons at -190 °C, these tiny sunflowers don’t let their delicate beauty to be troubled.

Discover more about them here:

Weismehl et al., BiorXiv

Credits: Marius Weismehl & Nicola De Franceschi

Dumbbelll's Soup Cans.png

Credits: Nicola De Franceschi

Dumbbell's Soup Cans

This image was inspired by Andy Warhol's famous "Campbell's Soup Cans" and it illustrates the findings of our most recent Nature Nanotechnology paper.

There we show how Dynamin A can induce hemi-scission and full scission in dumbbell-shaped liposomes. The ratio shown in this image reflects the ratio we see in our experiments.

De Franceschi et al., 2023 Nature Nanotechnology

Credits: Nicola De Franceschi


Liposomes floating in a dish or planet collision in deep space?


These objects are phase-separated giant vesicles, the bright orange islands being region of ordered lipid phase.

red hot final cropped.png

Credits: Nicola De Franceschi

Space Oddity

An alien landscape, but much closer to us than it seems.

Credits: Vincent van Gogh & Nicola De Franceschi

Synthetic Night

My humble nanoscale interpretation of van Gogh’s masterpiece


Provence Landscape &

RNA Origami Filaments on Supported Lipid Bilayer


Oil on Canvans &

Atomic Force Microscopy

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