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The right side image shows a Staphylococcus, which by multiple cell division events forms these characteristic "chains" of cells. 

On the left side, a similar structure has been reconstituted by the SMS technology using synthetic membranes and purified phage DNA.


We use this system to study how we can induce membrane deformations that resemble dividing cells and how such deformation affects DNA segregation in the two "synthetic daughter cells".

Living bacteria (E.Coli) encapsulated inside a giant liposome about 15 um large. 

This system can be used to recapitulate  the environment experienced by intracellular bacteria, which result in some of the most insidious kind of bacterial infection.

Work done as a collaboration among the Ganzinger Lab, the Koenderink Lab and the Dekker Lab.

cDICE: liposome generation and

highly efficient encapsulation.

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